Vumero is the Pioneer of Sports Technology -- A Platform that Democratises Access to Events, Latest News, Investors, Learning and E-Commerce Solutions -- All-On-One Place. 

Our Story

A Little About Vumero

Founded in 2016, Vumero began as a conference platform in Australia.  It has since rapidly expanded worldwide — with operations in UK, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Japan, Canada, India and more.  Founders John R Persico and Johann Odou saw a gap in the market — the need for a digital and physical community that connects everyone with a passion for Sports Data, Sports Digital, Sports Technology and Sports Business worldwide.  The business has recently introduced new divisions — including: SportsTechFeed (Latest Industry News); Global Awards; Training Masterclasses and Perogon (Procurement Platform for Sports) and Mobile App. In 2019, Vumero is widely-regarded as the world’s #1 largest Sports Technology community and world’s #3 Largest Sports Professionals Community.


Our Mission

Vumero mission: to become the world’s most trusted network for Sports Technology and Sports Digital; to build a place where people can discover, learn and purchase anything they need anywhere, anytime. Clients are leagues and federations, sports teams and clubs, universities, technologists, media and journalists, manufacturers and all suppliers of sports and technology. 

Our Global Partners, Sponsors and Collaborators